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About Rachel

Rachel grew up in southern Indiana and now resides in Sanford, NC. She earned her BFA with emphasis in Painting from Webster University in St. Louis, MO. She is inspired by many things including music, nature, and travel. 

Rachel uses art to explore things that capture her attention awakening her imagination and to explore emotions from life experiences, memories, and scripture. Long before picking up her brush to paint, she begins her creative process by meditating on or closely examining the source of inspiration, exploring thoughts and emotions. Through her use of color, texture, and layers, her goal is to communicate that emotion to others. 

Rachel is married to her #1 fan and encourager, Brandon, and is the proud mother of two creative children who bring much laughter. They love to travel and explore. You can find Brandon patiently waiting for Rachel as she lags far behind because she touches and examines everything. You never know what she will be taking pictures of or slipping into her pocket or purse to bring home.

In the past, Rachel would become frustrated with her wide range of interests when feeling the pressure to narrow the focus of her artistic pursuit. She finally embraced her curious mind that loves to learn and experiment and uses that gained knowledge and experience to not be fenced in creatively.

Rachel’s art has been displayed in galleries, businesses, and private residences.

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
— Thomas Merton