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"Visual imagery has the potential to speak to people in ways that the spoken word does not. It can trigger memories or responses that words may not. It has the potential to talk to the heart because it doesn't use words." ~ Grace Bailey


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"As an artist, Rachel transcends the conventional definition of style and provides a variety of work that is heartening as it is provocative. She reaches her audience with passion and intensity through her use of color and form but doesn't alienate. As an advanced student of both the classics and the modern, Rachel invokes familiarity with what we find comforting in art, but she also stands alone; making her art very powerful and uniquely her own."    - Jennifer A.


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"The layering of color and texture created by bold sweeping strokes and subtle nuances drew me in. I found myself staring into the depth of the canvas. Inexpressibly, my soul resonated with the pulse and rhythm infused in the masterful imagery before me. Without the exchange of words, I recognized that this artist and I had plumbed the same depths in life's journey. Rachel Terry is my favorite artist. She'll be one of yours too."  - Kathie E.


When describing her work, Rachel says, "I find my greatest freedom of expression through creating, especially with paint. I am fascinated by textures and colors... being able to touch everything and looking closely at how colors layer and intermingle. The world is a beautiful and amazing place! Beauty can be found in the most simple and mundane things. You just have to see it. These things inspire my work as I explore color and texture in different mediums. I never want to lose that wonder and hope to encourage others to see it as well."