As an artist, Rachel transcends the conventional definition of style and provides a variety of work that is heartening as it is provocative. She reaches her audience with passion and intensity through her use of color and form but doesn't alienate. As an advanced student of both the classics and the modern, Rachel invokes familiarity with what we find comforting in art, but she also stands alone; making her art very powerful and uniquely her own.      ~Jennifer A.

Rachel Terry is a profound artist with a prophetic edge that's truly inspiring. She is able to simultaneously capture both depth and nuance in her work and to consistently deliver beyond expectation. To this day, we still cherish a logo Rachel designed for our regional prayer encounter called Exousia many years ago. The design expresses heart intimacy and spiritual connectedness in a clear and visual picture that reinforced our mission. How grateful I am for such a rich and rare gift!     ~Dr. Yolanda Powell

The layering of color and texture created by bold sweeping strokes and subtle nuances drew me in. I found myself staring into the depth of the canvas. Inexpressibly, my soul resonated with the pulse and rhythm infused in the masterful imagery before me. Without the exchange of words, I recognized that this artist and I had plumbed the same depths in life's journey. Rachel Terry is my favorite artist. She'll be one of yours too.     ~Kathie E.

Rachel Terry Art touches the soul every time! Her pieces are a true representation of what it means to be a creator of masterpieces! Every unique piece has a special attention to detail that evokes thought and emotion touching the very core of people. Her works are creatively free yet emotionally intentional. I have never before met another artist who sets out with an idea to create a piece and produces a beautiful work of art every time.     ~Kimmie E.

When I look at a piece of art, I want to hear two stories; the one the artist set out to convey from his or her own heart, and the one that my own heart tells me. Rachel's paintings not only speak her stories loud and clear, but it has, on numerous occasions, brought me to tears at what I hear. Her paintings go far beyond pure natural talent - something she has in abundance - they are works of art that are able to reach right inside of an individual and compel them to see not only the world around them in a different light, but also their place within that world. I not only wholeheartedly recommend the commissioning and/or purchase of a piece of artwork by Rachel Terry, but I would invite you to both listen to her story and your own as you do so. I truly believe you will enjoy what you hear as much as I have.     ~Kimberly M.


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